The Food ABC

by Christina Castle 

Prevention is better than cure.

The Food ABC aims to be the vitamins for living a healthy and happy life.


Did you know that kids think that food tastes better when there is a cartoon character

 associated with it? That’s what makes The Food ABC books so clever; they subtly send a message to

 “eat the rainbow” – think carrots, zucchinis, beans, even mushrooms – without focussing on food at all.

The books teach positive life lessons that are relatable to modern-day kids, from tidying your room and staying off digital devices to self-esteem and the importance of a good night’s sleep. Each story is fronted by a character who is a healthy whole food, which implicitly teaches kids that carrots, zucchinis and mushrooms are likable and fun. 

 To the author’s credit, she masterfully weaves these lessons into storylines in a way that young children can relate to and understand. Rest assured a “healthy appetite” will naturally come after reading these fun and engaging books that impart amazing life lessons.

Life lessons imparted in the series include the important values of patience, humility, kindness, responsibility, balance, discernment, focus, preparation, practice, time management and friendship, among others, with key messages shared through short engaging texts and colourful illustrations hand-drawn by the author.  

The Food ABC is not just a single book; it is a concept that has purposely been launched as a series to strengthen the messages within.


 All 10 titles (with more on the way!) can be bought singularly or in a box set. 

For children 4 – 7 years old. 

10 Clever Children's Books 1
10 Clever Children's Books 2

Adrian the Apple

Adrian is a hardworking and devoted apple. Unfortunately, he’s a bit clumsy too. Will he learn to make smart decisions so he’s healthy enough to help Mrs Wiggle in her garden?

10 Clever Children's Books 3

Benny the Bean

A very outgoing bean, Benny chats with his friends on his computer day and night. His habit quickly turns sour, as Benny starts to lose sleep and miss homework assignments. Then Benny receives a new present – an adorable puppy. How in the world can Benny manage it all? Find out in this remarkable story about personal responsibility and balance.

10 Clever Children's Books 4

Carol the Carrot

After reading every book in the library, Carol decides to travel the world. Join her for a heart-warming tale of exploration and adventure as she learns about the importance of family and home.

10 Clever Children's Books 5

Emily the Egg

School is tough on Emily. She doesn’t believe she can make the grade. That is – until Mrs Right teaches her to believe in herself. With the help of one teacher, Emily learns to conquer her self-doubt through positivity, preparation and practice.

10 Clever Children's Books 6

Lorenzo the Leek

Lorenzo is one vain leek. So his friends Adrian the Apple and Billy the Banana decide to play a trick on him. In the end, all three friends learn a valuable lesson about humility and the meaning of friendship.

10 Clever Children's Books 7

Molly the Mushroom

Cute and cheerful Molly has one problem – she believes everything she’s told. After spending almost all her money on a wish-granting machine, she learns a powerful lesson about facts and “too good to be true” fictions. It’s a tale that illustrates truth and discernment in an era of advertising aimed at children.

10 Clever Children's Books 8

Oliver the Orange

Oliver is so distracted by his new mobile phone that he ignores his friends and the world around him. Will losing his precious phone wake him up to the error of his digital ways? It’s a must-read for any child (and adult!) who spends too much time on mobile devices.

10 Clever Children's Books 9

Peter the Potato

How terribly grumpy is Peter! His glass is always half full, until a mistaken party invitation brings him face-to-face with Pablo the Potato, whose equally grumpy demeanor shines a light on Peter’s own negativity. Was it fate that they met? Or was it a masterfully crafted plan hatched by an optimistic friend?

10 Clever Children's Books 10

Willy the Walnut

Messy and forgetful, Willy accidentally misses his rugby game. Adrian the Apple usually saves him, but not this time. So Willy decides to take charge of his life, and he starts by tidying up his room. A delightful tale with a twist ending that’s perfect for anyone who needs an extra push to stay organised.

10 Clever Children's Books 11

Zepp the Zucchini

Zepp is tired and slow at work. After working late one night, he misses the bus and has to run home. What bad luck! Except that when Zepp awakes, he discovers exercise cures his physical and mental woes. A fun book on why exercise is important for both the body and mind.

10 Clever Children's Books 12
10 Clever Children's Books 13


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